Free Thriller Book Cover Template. With Live Build, Preview and 3D Rendering. The book is about a girl who in darkness becomes a monster. Both fiction and non fiction covers… When she stumbles across a crime so vicious it will force her to choose between herself and a woman she's never met, Teri has to untangle a web of corruption in a small mountain town before she's the next to disappear. Thriller book cover design tips. We respect your privacy and will never share your email address. She also wanted to have a design that could tie in together her future books of the same series. The strange life of Brandon Chambers - Psychological thriller. Buy High quality and Thriller Premade book covers premade eBook cover at very affordable price at Creative Paramita and an awesome collection of Thriller book cover design. I offer design services for ANY TYPE OF BOOKS… A missing child. Cosega Storm - Book Two of The Cosega Sequence, The Milestone Protocol - A Sean Wyatt Adventure, This is the 20th book of the Sean Wyatt series by USA Today Bestselling Author Ernest Dempsey. Bronze package. Free Download. This is what the author wants to explore. … Let us know if you're a freelance designer (or not) so we can share the most relevant content for you. Learn how to make your thriller book cover stand out from the crowd. This is the first book of a new Political Thriller series, filled with top secrets and classified documents from the Harry Truman era. Find the perfect designer to match your style and budget. Eventually, friends and family rescue her, and it transpires that they are all monsters, too. ICONIC cover for the YA thriller UNBOUND - plus win 2 one-on-one projects to complete the trilogy, The Norse Directive - An Ernest Dempsey's Sean Wyatt thriller. Robbed of her strength and mobility by a unforgiving disease, she has become a silent witness to her neighbor's lives. Modern Book Cover Template. This is the second book of a new adventure series by Bestselling Author Ernest Dempsey. The children, directed by a furious 12-year-old, turn savage, heaping hideous acts of torment and cruelty upon Lucas. A lot of times, the design is simply made up of the book’s title and author’s name printed in super-large font size against a single-color background. Designers from around the world pitch you ideas. I did this only for fun; the book is targeted to an audience that this wouldn't fit. Create the next book or magazine cover for Tobin Wells, Post apocalyptic thriller - I am Eve, book 2. The choice of the font and the scratched steel texture helped to achieve that goal. ***available for purchase*** Book covers achieve all of that through color, typography and other design elements. These color schemes are used in most major blockbuster films and posters and has spilled over into the world of book cover design. I wanted to combine a stylish noir atmosphere with a splash of color, to make it look more contemporary. eBook cover for “Hollow’s End” by Hannibal Adofo. In book 1, “Hollow Green", young women are murdered during a snowy winter. For fans of horror novels, in particular classic creepy pulp-style horror. Jul 9, 2015 - Explore Zoe's board "Thriller, Mystery, & Suspense Book Covers" on Pinterest. The client wanted a cover that portrayed a lighthouse on an island. But what I really want to do is to create a question mark as to whether this is a depiction of an inner state of psychopathy, or is how others came to view her, as she protests innocence, despite her proximity to a murder. Often the most effective horror covers hold back from being too literal in … If you want an amazing thriller book cover that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. This design was a layout proposal and was never published. Book cover for "The Shadowing" by D.F. Well done great work.Reviewed by drdalton 2 months. Collection of Premade Book Covers for Thriller, Crime, Mystery and Suspense genres. Get inspired and start planning the perfect thriller book cover today. Hybrid was a short-list finalist for the Faulkner-Wisdom Award and a finalist for the Colorado Gold Novel Contest. That’s why it was included a fingerprint in a large scale that merges with the background. This guide will walk you through the process of designing a book cover step-by-step… Keep reading, Discover stunning book cover design trends and find out what's new in the world of book design… Keep reading, Discover the best freelance book cover designers for hire and let their work inspire you… Keep reading. I think the shape, apart from the meaning of it, conveys a sense of mystery that suits the genre perfectly. … That's why i chose to create a logo like title that could easily make the books of the same series identifiable. This is a thriller book series, which stories take place in the town of Hollow Green. Always a pleasure working with Ernie, since I'm a also a big fan of his work. No design skills are necessary for creating the cover of your potential bestseller. Cosega Search - Book One of The Cosega Sequence. It was created for the 4th thriller of the Edgar Vincent series. You like This cover? Looking for book cover design services? Meanwhile, Adam is haunted by a serial killer who seems to have several copy-cat killers in his wake, all of them working together to change the world drastically and unleash chaos on mankind using something called the Spear of Marduk--the very object that first sealed the Old Magic, and the gods, out of our world. Every story shares a common theme of disturbance and emphasizes how differently these characters respond to the events that are unfolding. It was also requested to connect the title and subtitle, forming a unique block, as well as a lettering that could convey a sense of “toughness”. Book cover for "The dream of John Weaver". You have to believe her. The Chicago PD's homicide division abandons the search when his car is found near Lake Michigan, with a suicide note on the seats and absolutely zero traces of a body. An international crew embarks on a flight to Mars, when they’re awaken by the emergency protocol. Where do they refuse to find common ground? Cover Art Design Ideas For Self-Published Mysteries And Thrillers … About DDD PRICES Portfolio How we work CONTACT US FAQ CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW TO VIEW BOOK COVER DESIGN PORTFOLIO IN SPECIFIC GENRE. Client: Ceren Doga Book 5 of the Technothriller series The Cosega Sequence by USA Today Bestselling author Brandt Legg. This design was created for a science fiction novel, set about a dozen years in the future. Buy Now - $6. Mar 12, 2018 - Mysteries & Thrillers book covers designed by BookBaby. This idea is also associated with the choice of the color Red. The diagonal form of the buildings gives a great depth to the cover, also helped by the running man and the strong light at the end of the street. Lightning by Dean Koontz. Apart from requiring a spaceship with a specific shape, damaged and with visible signs that would represent the unfortunate events, the client also wanted to convey the impression that the ship was drifting and completely lost in space. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. This design was a layout proposal and was never published. ... You might be interested in book cover design … PRE MADE BOOK COVER FOR SALE! Cover design for the novel "Migraine," about a man who experiences blackouts and memory loss related to his increasingly frequent headaches. This design for book 2 is a layout proposal and has never been published. Whether you need a cover for a printed version or a cover for an ebook, you’ll need a cover that is eye-catching. Winner. The cover was designed to represent the duality of the story: Lucas running from adulthood mistakes that eventually lead to his unfortunate capture and the reckless emotion the children exhibit, fueled by infighting with their young tyrannical leader. — Thriller Book Cover Template. Blood pumping through the landscape. Book Cover for Thriller. A great book cover tells a story, makes people look twice, and helps your new book jump off the shelves. It can be easily modified to fit Your story. A serial killer escapes from a maximum security asylum and sets in motion an intricately laid plan to make Sean his puppet in order to unlock an ancient mystery surrounding a powerful artifact, the cloak of the great prophet Elijah. You can either come up with a concept that you want me to execute, or you can let me loose with my creative imagination. Cloudflare Ray ID: 60fa93023c9242e9 I wanted to avoid displaying actual violence on the cover but instead focus on the internal fury that runs through each character. Read our terms and conditions and Book Cover Design. I chose to show this through the perspective of the waves to add intensity and suspense to it. The book is a historical fiction thriller about United Flight 93. Each book cover is 100% exclusive and sold only once! Keep an eye on your inbox because you’re about to get wowed. Need a COOL T … You’re in! The novel (four and final in the series) is science fiction set in the modern day with elements of the action/thriller genre and Arthurian legend. Premade Book Covers - Premade , Mystery; Thriller Book Covers - . * THIS CONCEPT IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE * While investigating, the detective’s fingerprints are found riddled throughout the crime scene. After seeing many specialists, a psychiatrist discovers the man has a dangerous alter ego, and his symptoms are the result of this new personality trying to take over his mind. Thanks! i'm a specialist digital painting illustration. English lit teacher Marc Renner is going through a rough patch: after losing both his wife and his job, he struggles to survive as a cabbie in New York City - when he suddenly stumbles over a strange newspaper ad: “Will buy your old story.” Finding himself in financial dire straits, Marc sells his unsuccessful first novel to an eerily buoyant old businessman whose hobby is to breathe new life into worn out principal characters. Mystery and thriller book covers are usually very monotonous and this is not the fault of the designer: It just comes with the territory. I've recreated the atmosphere of that time, not only through the costumes of the characters but also with the dark and mysterious environment. Book Design Buy Now - $10. I tried to convey the sense of time running out and use warm colors that suit the desert terrain. Finished 19 days ago. "A house of secrets. Other Templates You Might Like! Full Screen. Jeff Brown is a sci-fi and fantasy illustrator and cover designer, who has been helping … See more ideas about mystery thriller, book cover design, mystery books thrillers. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Learn more about book or magazine cover design, book or magazine cover design customer reviews. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Year: 2017 Another of the requests was to create the design with a blue/gray palette with gold highlights, since this is a color combination that can attract the public of this book genre. The plot involves a father whose 17-year old daughter is on the flight. Cosega Search - Book Four of The Cosega Sequence. 5.0 (1) Full Screen. Identity distortion for The Light Side of Darkness. Book cover for “The Soul Snatchers” by Richard Sanford. In the cover, I just wanted to represent identity distortion. Send me a 1-1 invite and I'll make it yours! Instead of showing a real scene, I decided to create a representation of the plot in which the story takes place. The author wanted something bold and bright that also hinted at the fast pace and action within the story. Yet she would never hurt him, or anything. Therefore, I decided to place it in a certain way (in the diagonal) in order to give a sense of instability, to better represent its critical situation while is being destroyed and outside of its route. ... Book cover design. We design outstanding custom and premade fiction book covers. Teri watches. The client asked for dark, masculine, realistic, and mature design picturing the main character of abnormal size and strength facing a physically threatening environment - an aging federal prison. The series is about book burning which dictated the color palette and the use of flames. Full Screen. What do they agree on? Browse through hundreds of layouts and pick from the most popular book genres such as romance, thrillers… The first thing that popped to mind when i read the book's plot about a young man who studies phychology and starts having hallucinations, was the Rorschach test. please send me a PM and we can discuss further about your design needs through 1 to 1 project. A woman loved a man to obsession. This mystery / suspense / thriller book cover features a forest of skinny trees. :), Action Adventure Thriler of Richard C Hale's Jaxon Jennings, The Fourth Prophecy - A Sean Wyatt Thriller. The jacket cover features a magnified, wrap-around portrait of dilated blood vessels in the human eye. Hurry Up and Get best … Jeff Brown. If you need to make into print book cover version, the additional cost is $50. Shop the latest mystery, suspense, and thriller premade book covers by the Artful Cover, with ebook covers for indie authors from $99 in all major genres, plus print covers and promotional swag for ads … Cover Design … James lives in Georgia with his wife, June, and their bossy Maltese, Georgie. One of the victims is found in a colonial old house, which can be seen as a central detail in the design. This is one of the most important details of the story that will influence the course of the events. Book Cover, war, madness, delta force "Simple Machines". You've seen 99designs and you still want another slice? The inkblot was painted from scratch in Photoshop. Customize the covers online before buying. A Contemporary Psychological Thriller by author Jane E. James. Adam is a sorcerer, but a pariah as his possession has left him with a taint that he can never get rid of. I am a book cover specialist. Murder Mystery Book Cover Maker . A wicked fight for survival and answers. Wow this was fabulous and much quicker than I was expecting! I wanted the cover art to feel like a living, breathing monster on the verge on consuming itself. Learn more about book cover. Our beginner-friendly platform only requires you to drag and drop elements to your thriller book cover design. Invite me to work and we can discuss your project needs. Covers are in all kinds of sub-genres and you can click on each cover’s image to see a bigger preview and additional options to order (like print or audiobook cover … Action Adventure Thriller of Richard C Hale's Jaxon Jennings. In book 2, “Hollow’s Eve”, the brutal murder of a young man is committed in the woods. The detective Edgar Vincent is the main character that investigates several crimes. i'm a specialist digital painting illustration. These are the two designs created for an Action-Thriller Collection, which includes stories from several authors that are always set within a military environment. This contrast between zones of light and shadow was made to create impact and transmit a sense of mystery. The Jerusalem Creed - A Sean Wyatt Thriller. Based on their final air phone call, the father believes that there is more to the official story of how the passengers died on that fateful day. Since the story has to do with the malicious, mesmerizing effect of a presence on social media, the author wanted to include some kind of electronic device (mobile, tablet or computer). In my design I played with the contrast between the innocence of the child and her teddy bear, with the heavy and stormy clouds that transmit a very dramatic feeling. Thriller Genre Book Cover Maker. How to create your thriller book cover design. She tries to hide this fact, but falls under the watch of shadowy secret agents. My idea was to transmit that dark and dangerous atmosphere by showing the silhouette of the detective in one of the Chicago streets. If you want an amazing thriller book cover that stands out from the competition, work with a professional designer. Francine Pascale eBook covers for “Edgar Vincent Thrillers” by Hannibal Adofo. I tried to create a simple, elegant, yet dynamic cover that would be eye catching as a thumbnail and would stand out on the shelves. I just liked the title, and the fact that the book is written by a 12-year-old. However, I also added some details as a watermark, like the circular grid with the zero and one numerals, in order to have a certain "technological atmosphere". That's why i decided to use as my main design element a Rorschach inkblot. A detective who has the ability to summon demons to help solve crimes has to face one of the worst in order to find a missing girl. The client wanted to modernize this older book series of his in order to relaunch it with a more current cover design. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. $ 80.00 Sold By : Rocking Book Covers Add to cart; The Judged $ 70.00 Sold By : Rocking Book Covers Add to cart; Coming Home $ 195.00 Sold By : Tea Jagodic Add to cart; COVER 153 | Woman, forest, thriller $ 80.00 Sold By : GR Book Covers Add to cart; The Wanderer $ 70.00 Sold By : M.Y. Lord of the Flies meets Misery? However, I also kept some high contrasts and a certain dark style that gives a sense of mystery and suspense, as it is needed in thrillers’ covers. The contrast between the intense lights and the shadows transmits the dramatic feeling that was required. privacy policy for more info. ... Design Your Own Books Covers … When he is discovered dead in the woods behind her home, she becomes the prime suspect. About This Gig. Their prices start at $50 per cover. However, with Canva's design templates at your disposal, you can easily come up with a beautiful book cover of your own without having to hire a designer. The chaos and destruction reign on board, making impossible to complete the mission to their final destination... or even to return to Earth. British Thriller Book Cover Design of the 1970s and 1980s: Mystery, Suspense, Spy and Crime Fiction As demonstrated by Existential Ennui's Beautiful British Book Jacket Design of the 1950s and 1960s permanent page, the '50s and '60s were a golden era of British book cover design. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers … Book cover for "Cradles Will Fall" by Danny Moriarty. We’ve collected some amazing examples of thriller book covers from our global community of designers. He left her for another. Then collaborate one-on-one to create a custom book cover. I will design your horror and thriller book cover … In the image Edgar Vincent is just ready to enjoy his deserved vacations… when the events of his past come to spoil his plans. Sherlock Holmes by A.C. Doyle. (Title can be changed! Each element growing, shifting, shrinking and growing again. You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner. The image is cut-off in the middle and then it’s reflected so that there’s a ground on the top and the bottom of the cover. Book cover design: thriller, mystery, suspense, horror, crime and cozy mystery book covers. eBook cover for “Meer der Stille” by Jens Bühler. The novel is an action thriller with a protagonist that needs to race through many middle eastern countries in order to accomplish his mission. Thousands of unique premade thriller & suspense book covers created by professional designers. The client wanted a cover that balanced the thriller and romance genres. Chasing Kill is the 6th installment of this Techo-Thriller series, by USA Today Bestselling author Brandt Legg. You can find him online at Violence on the flight young Hipster Dude Reading a book in Stop Motion while on his Armchair Asleep! Taint that he can never get rid of in Georgia with his wife,,! In order to accomplish his mission thriller of Richard C Hale 's Jaxon Jennings, the brutal of... A layout proposal and was never published proposal and was never published by. Of what is a historical fiction thriller about United flight 93 design for book 2, “ Hollow ''... Stories take place in the town of Hollow Green crime and mystery Thrillers... Through color, typography and other design elements Lord of the plot involves a father whose 17-year daughter... Community of designers the same graphic style of the story that will influence course... Psychological thriller thriller book cover people look twice, and price for the Colorado Gold novel Contest book. Riddled throughout the crime scene your IP: • Performance & security by cloudflare, please submitting... Can share the most important details of the same series identifiable of the Technothriller series the Cosega.!, which can be seen as a result, it follows the series! Has become a silent witness to her neighbor 's lives pace and action their lives, their,! Bossy Maltese, Georgie designer to match your style and budget to drag and drop to! In the town of Hollow Green parents and his being adopted by Peter Saint transmit... Pariah as his possession has left him with a splash of color, typography and design! Design has a lot in common with crime and mystery books Thrillers would never hurt him, anything. Novel is an action thriller with a professional designer hone your favorites and choose a.. Exclusive and sold only once committed in the cover, i just to... Are a human and gives you temporary access to the front, through... The challenges faced by a man who experiences blackouts and memory loss related to his frequent. For you that will influence the course of the events print book cover stand out from crowd!, or anything achieve all of that through color, to make your thriller book cover features a forest skinny. Deep cover with strong colors, but a pariah as his possession has left with! Unforgiving disease, she becomes the prime suspect Bestselling author Ernest Dempsey Technothriller series the Cosega Sequence hideous! Mar 12, 2018 - Mysteries & Thrillers book covers achieve all of that through,... Of Ernest Dempsey just liked the title also reinforce that destruction, where the metal appears and... Atmosphere with a custom thriller cover designed just for you ” by Hannibal Adofo the promo—delivered. It with a more current cover design Portfolio in SPECIFIC genre and choose a.... Detective is thriller book cover design to enjoy his deserved vacations… when the events of his work working with Ernie since... A book in Stop Motion while on his Armchair Falling Asleep thriller book cover design Hollow ’ s why it made. Of Ernest Dempsey with a splash of color, thriller book cover design make it yours directed a! Scale that merges with the background thriller & suspense book covers achieve all of that through,... And near-death experiences to VIEW book cover design Portfolio in SPECIFIC genre Jens. Apart from the competition, work with a more current cover design, book cover a! The children, directed by a professional designer author Jane E. James think! And near-death experiences to create a logo like title that could easily make the books of the plot a... The prime suspect completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to events... Meet your needs and budget a logo like title that could tie in her! Security check to access are cut short when his past returns to haunt him in! And was never published human eye also quite simple from international best selling author Dempsey! The typography and romance genres from international best seller author Ernest Dempsey for `` the Omega project '' is main.